BMW 3 Series Sedan : Hands-free boot opening

Hands-free boot opening.

You’re standing behind your new BMW 3 Series with your hands full of shopping and want to load the boot. So now you need to search your pockets to find the car key. Or do you? No, not any more. With innovative Comfort Access as special equipment you can open the boot lid without making contact. One well-placed movement of the foot is all that’s needed.

A brief movement of your foot below the rear bumper is all it takes for a sensor to open the boot lid, which then unlocks and springs open automatically. Sensors are installed at different height in the rear bumper panel to detect persons. They detect the movement of the foot between shin and tip of the foot and send a signal to the on-board computer.

This innovative equipment from BMW ConnectedDrive provides increased convenience when operating and loading the rear of the vehicle. However, the system does not grant access authorization unless it also identifies the car key that the person is carrying.



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